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Welcome to Bridge at Valley Glen - a premier sober living home for men!

6003 Sunnyslope Avenue, Valley Glen, CA 91401

Telephone: (818) 787-0722

Email: info@bridgeatvalleyglen.com

Welcome to a sober living home known as Los Angeles' premier addiction recovery house. We are dedicated to men who want to live a life of sobriety. Bridge at Valley Glen is centrally located close to 12-step meetings, shopping, education, and numerous additional support services.

Built in a mansion style with a grand staircase and crafted paneling, Bridge at Valley Glen is designed to be your sober living sanctuary nestled in an upscale residential community within Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley – the ‘Valley of the Stars’ (so called for the major studios headquartered here.)

The primary mission of Bridge at Valley Glen is to help every man achieve independence from all forms of drug, alcohol, and behavioral addictions.

Our dedicated staff associated with Bridge at Valley Glen works very hard to help you support your newly established freedom, which depends upon your strengths. We will help you to build your sober living upon a philosophy of life balance, which you created during treatment. The positive structured environment at Bridge at Valley Glen sober living home encourages and assists each individual to utilize the processes necessary to achieve lifelong independence from all forms of addiction.

What makes Bridge at Valley Glen unique?

What separates Bridge at Valley Glen from other sober living homes is our Individualized Case Management program known as 'The Bridge Program' - where our highly qualified staff of resident managers - on-site, 24/7 - and recovery coaches work closely with clinicians and other members of our residents' treatment teams - including the family, doctors, therapists, and sponsor - to best support them and to make sure there are no gaps in their recovery needs.

With an average of only seven to nine residents and a highly desirable resident-to-staff ratio of nearly 2:1, we are able to provide one-on-one case management for each resident and work with them in developing personalized treatment plans specific to their needs - and then to follow through and help them to achieve their short-term and long-term life and recovery goals.

Why does Bridge at Valley Glen work?

First, we bridge your recovery program and your personal health program. We focus heavily and equally on the health of the mind, body, and spirit – and help you to integrate all three. We believe that your personal and spiritual balance is necessary in overcoming your difficult challenges. We not only encourage you to work closely with your sponsor, attend 12 Step along with sobriety support meetings, and participate in the local recovery community. We want you to develop a physical health program – in conjunction with exercise and diet – that will help you to achieve all your living goals;

Next, we bridge your goal-making system – helping you to design both life and recovery goals and develop the means by which you can achieve them;

Then, we bridge the gap between you and your friends and family affected by your addiction. We also help introduce you to new sober friends and potential sponsors in the area. We personally assist you, at your own individual pace, to reintegrate back with family, friends, work, and education;

Finally, we bridge the gap between your interests, passions, talents, and the effective engagement of these qualities in moving back into society. It is our mission to help you to regain your role as a valuable, responsible, and contributing member of American society and the global community.

Why choose Bridge at Valley Glen?

We believe that a life balance is the key to your success. We assist you in supporting recovery based on the twelve-step model, working closely with your sponsor and your treatment team. You will be encouraged, at your own pace to reintegrate back to your family, work, friends, or education program.

The program and principles of the Bridge program are time-tested and proven, and will provide you with the strength you need and deserve to break-away from your addiction.

Bridge at Valley Glen is a safe, clean, peaceful and supportive environment where residents help each other to improve their lives as long as they are willing to participate and take affirmative action.

Where is Bridge at Valley Glen located in Los Angeles?

Centrally located in Valley Glen – a ‘lifestyle’ community formed in the late 1990’s boasting of quaint neighborhoods with a uniquely small town atmosphere right in the center of the busy San Fernando Valley (prompting some to call it “best kept secret in Los Angeles”), Bridge at Valley Glen is next door to LA Valley College. And we are just five minutes from the major Los Angeles highways, as well as only twenty minutes from Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and downtown Los Angeles.

Our sober living house is minutes from the major studios, which include:

Visitors travel from all over the world to the San Fernando Valley – the ‘Valley of the Stars’ – to experience the entertainment industry first hand and tour all the major studios headquartered in the area.

Most importantly, we are convenient to the hundreds of 12-step meetings offered every day in the Los Angeles area.

We are available 24-hours a day

Please telephone or e-mail us to arrange a personal tour of our sober living home. Meet our staff, talk with our guests, and take time to ask the questions that are important to you. We are ready to help you achieve your sobriety.

Join our community! We are ready to help.

We are excited to welcome you to Bridge at Valley Glen and the start of your greatest adventure ever…the rest of your life!

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